At a time of great uncertainty for companies large and small and the world itself, the Global Audience Based Buying Conference and Consultancy, is the trusted business partner and advisor to help companies of all sizes navigate the many changes they are facing.  From media and marketing, people and culture, to technology and ad agency partner review and selection, enterprises of all sizes call on our team to help them navigate change. 

GABBCON occupies the intersection of Silicon Beach, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, and Hollywood. GABBCON draws upon its consummate network of top intra-industry leaders to help forge mutual agreement and broker common ground on everything from training and education, nomenclature to standards, methodology and best practices for financing, developing media and marketing plans, customized executive support, producing and distributing the world’s most popular video and audio content and importantly to help you lead change and avoid market disruption. 

GABBCON hosts a series of globally recognized executive-summits, exclusive conferences and bespoke events for clients and in partnership with preeminent industry trade-organizations including WITI, NAB, State and Local Government and gathers leaders and CEOs of top brands, advertising agencies, technology companies, media companies, publishers, fast-growing startups, and heads of state to discuss the most current and up to date content and solutions to keep you ahead of the market.  

The GABBCON team are co-founders of AdLedger, managing a cross-industry working group to establish technical standards, white papers and best practices for all things audience, advanced TV and blockchain/cryptography.

GABBCON calls Los Angeles and Florida home.



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